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The home you want designed by you for FREE*

What makes more sense?  Going to a builder who sends you to a designer then back to the builder or getting your design the way you want it directly from the builder?

The appeal most clients have for working with us is having an in-house designer there to help as needed with the parts of the home that express your personality and likes.  Some people have it under control and others need a helping hand.   Linda has the hospitality and  diplomacy to assist you in picking colors, fixtures, flooring, countertops,and many other items.  Let's face it: Making a couple selctions is pretty easy.  However, making all the various parts work in concert with all the other items architecturally can be a little daunting.  


Having someone there to assist, make suggestions and offer an objective opinion can be a tremendous help. Our philosophy has always been:  its your home and your choices.  During the selection process, we lay out the list of selections needed and manage the process for getting things done.  We never rush or cause stress.  This should be a pleasant and rewarding experience.  It's always a rewarding feeling when I hear laughter in the next room when clients are working with Linda on selections.  She makes it fun.

House Plan design

 Note:  If we sign a construction contract within 30 days of the completion of the plan design, we will waive the cost of drawing the plans.

From the day we opened our doors for business we have known that picking a plan can be hard to do.  There are so many to choose from that it can overwhelm a person.  Architects do a great job but the up front costs are expensive.  Plans from books are great starting points, but nearly all our clients make substantial changes to the floor plan or the elevations to suit their needs.  To that end, we could not in good conscience ask them to pay $500 to $1,500 for plans they would make changes to.


So we began offering a service to our clients that needed assistance.  With the aid of technology, we now offer plan design for our clients.  With a meeting to get the ball rolling, within 3 reviews we can provide a set of construction drawings that are usable by all the various trades, appraisals, and meet all lender requirements.  

*So what does it cost to design construction drawings?

You sign a design services agreement.  It includes the design consultation, 3 reviews and a final approval for $1,500.  These drawings include a floor plan with electrical, cabinet, plumbing, flatwork, and flooring.  Additionally  included are the elevations for 4 sides. Please be advised WE ARE NOT ARCHITECTS OR ENGINEERS.   We can have plans approved by an architect or reviewed by an engineer at an additional expense as needed or directed.  Note:  foundation drawings are done by a licensed structural engineer and the costs are already included in the construction budget.


We offer this in-house service for a few reasons:  first, it is a passion to draw great  plans.  It is something we love to do.  Second, it helps us develop intimate knowledge about the plans so we can help our clients stay within their pre-deterimened  budget. Third, it helps us with the schedule for the design and budget phase of building a new home or remodel.  A fourth reason is it offers our clients something they can't get from most  other builders.

There are no stock photos on our site.  Every picture is of work we did for our clients.

We build new construction, remodel, restore and landscape.

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